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Got a big job to mail? Grit can handle it and give you the maximum postal discounts available. Our in-house Kirk Rudy HP ink jet addresser with dual in-line tabbers can print 300 dpi quality addresses directly on mailing pieces at a rate of up to 15,000 per hour.

We are also proud to offer Comingling and Dropshipping directly to USPS Bulk Mail Centers and Section Center Facilities across the country. This allows for greater volumes of mail to be pulled together in optimized shipments and trucked closer to their final destinations, resulting in signficant postal savings to you.

Here is a typical Comingle Savings Example:

200,000 Piece Postcard Mailing, Presort Standard
Postage Before Comingling   $47,000 or $.235/ea.
Postage With Comingling   - $39,000 or $.195/ea.
Initial Savings   $8,000
Commingle Costs   - $4,000
Net Savings   $4,000

Address imprints can include almost any custom information you include in your mail list.

Imprints can include information such as:

  • Account Numbers
  • Promotional Codes
  • Expiration Dates

The optional remote print module allows for two seperate imprint areas. For example, an indicia can be printed at the top of the mail piece and the address several inches below.

Mailing with Grit can SAVE YOU MONEY - Guaranteed! Our MailManager 2010 software sorts, barcodes, updates zip codes from 5- to 9-digits, and filters out undeliverable addresses. It is PAVE Certified and CASS certified meaning the mail is sorted accurately and according to United States Postal Service requirements and is accompanied by supporting documentation. We process every mail list so that your mail gets delivered faster and at the lowest rate possible Here's how we save you money:

  • Your mail pieces are sorted in order according to the zip code
  • A barcode is inkjetted on each mailing piece
  • 5-digit zip codes are converted into 9-digit zip codes
  • Automated or 9-digit barcoded pieces get delivered faster
  • A letter with paid postage and a good address gets delivered
  • A letter with paid postage and a bad address will not deliver... but you still pay for it.


Our updated imprints give your mail piece a professional look.


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