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Case Study:

Spitler Vehicle Specialties, Ambulance Sales Department


Postcard series introducing new sales representative. 


Make a statement and introduce new sales staff member, Dick Kaiser, to existing and potential customer base.

  • “What helped make this campaign successful was Dick Kaiser’s willingness to cooperate. He did everything I asked him to do and didn’t fuss about it.”

    –Sheri Lozak

  • “The postcard series helped break the ice. When I got the my first meetings my customers had in effect already been introduced to me.”

    –Dick Kaiser

  • Three postcards were mailed two weeks apart. The graphics were intended to generate curiosity and personality. They were followed up by phone calls which in many cases the reply was, “Yea, I saw you on that thing in the mail!”

  • The back of the first two postcards did not reveal Dick’s face. Finally, the last postcard exclaimed, MEET DICK KAISER. THIS IS THE MAN YOU NEED TO KNOW! The campaign was deemed successful.

Not only was Spitler Ambulance introducing a new face  

to their long loyal customer base but they had to let their customers know that Dick Kaiser was “their man” and was going to deliver the same exceptional customer service they had come to expect. Dick realized he had a bumpy ride ahead of him. His new customer base was faithful not only to the Spitler organization but to their past Spitler representative. 

The campaign’s effectiveness also depended on scheduled mailing dates 

- three postcards and three drop dates. The pieces were coordinated entirely through Grit so all departments were in tune with the production schedule. An easy flow through design, print, bindery and direct mail meant on schedule delivery - crucial for success.


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