Customer Testimonials

  • Webb/Mason

    "In working with Grit over the last ten (10) years, their best trait has been responsiveness to Webb/Mason. Time and again, Grit has inquired about how to do more & better business with Webb/Mason. By building on these suggestions, Grit is now one of our most responsive & reliable vendor partners. Providing estimates more quickly, recommending how to better process a job, offering more extensive prepress services, and the all important, producing a job in a tight turnaround are all Grit attributes. Essential to this equation, too, is Grit's staff.Grit is listening to what Webb/Mason is saying and getting what our customers are requiring."

    Oakton, VA

  • Golden Proportions Marketing

    "As an ad agency, the materials we create have to look great. That’s what our clients expect and what we demand. For that reason, we work with Grit. They’re extremely professional, consistently produce print jobs of exceptional quality and provide excellent customer service. As an added bonus, Grit has an in-house mailing service, offering us tremendous convenience when it comes to direct mail. We’re very happy with the job they do for us. Our clients are too."

    -Golden Proportions Marketing

  • Brodart Company

    "We have always enjoyed a great working relationship with Grit. They provide timely and excellently produced products on such a consistent basis and constantly go beyond the call of duty to meet our needs. Dick Shaffer is the epitome of what a sales representative should be. He provides great service every time. When you need your printing done right and on time, Grit will always make you look great."

    -Brodart Company

At Grit, our clients range from small town businesses to nationally-known corporations. No matter what your size, Grit can help you make your next communications campaign a success. Don't just take our word for it - our customers say it best.

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