Featured Solution - Soft Touch Coating

As marketers, your consumers’ senses are constantly bombarded with marketing messages – radio advertisements, billboards, newspaper and magazine advertisements, Google ads, junk e-mail, promotions in the mail, either by themselves or stuffed into statements and invoices – it is harder and harder to stand out and be noticed.

One effective way to stand out in the crowd is to change the way your message “feels”.

Grit offers “soft touch” coatings that can be applied to your next magazine cover, postcard, brochure or other printed piece that when handled has a soft, supple, suede-like feel.   The impression this can make is memorable and can increase the chance that your message will be noticed.

When used in conjunction with a clever design, such as a leather-like pattern, the printed piece almost can fool the reader who is holding it to make them think that what they are holding isn’t even paper.

Contact your Grit sales or service representative to learn more about our soft coatings and to receive samples.

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