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Do you only need 100 of that next sell sheet? Have an event coming up that requires a sequential numbered ticket? Do you want to personalize that next mailing to include a special promotion based upon your customer’s past purchases?

Grit is not only your source for medium to long run printing and mailings, but we are proud to also offer short run and variable data printing with the addition of our Xerox Versant 3100 Digital Press.

With offset quality 2,400 dpi printing, the Xerox Versant 3100 can print up to a 13” x 26” sheet, on stocks as thin as 15# Bond, and as thick as 14pt. Cover. And because it is fully digital, no printing plates, make ready paper, or set up time is required. This translates into great prices for shorter run printing of postcards, sell sheets, brochures and booklets. And every sheet that comes off the digital press can be unique – which means you can personalize, cross sell and target your messages directly to individuals based upon information that you might have captured about that person or account. Here are just a couple of ways this technology is being used today:

  • Reminder postcards for – oil changes, tire rotations, prescription renewals, garbage and recycling pick up date changes, and others
  • Individualized promotional codes to buy online that uniquely identify the buyer
  • Targeted messages by colleges when recruiting new students based upon survey results of interests

Contact your Grit sales or service representative to get a quote on your next short run or variable message project.

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