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By now you’ve probably seen the United States Post Office commercials promoting the use of EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) cards, and how effective they are at getting a message out for small businesses.

The truth is – they are a highly effective marketing tool when the message is right, the mailing is designed well, and the message is timely. For as low as 14.9 cents postage each, you can mail a postcard that is big as 12” x 15” to every household in a surrounding radius around a small business.   The benefits:

1) Save money – there is no mail list to buy plus typical Flat Size mailers cost almost 50 cents each in postage – that is a savings of 35 cents per card.

2) Go BIG – typical letter size mail is limited to 6.125” x 11.5” in size. A 12” x 15” card offers twice the marketing real estate to promote your message or messages

3) Better timing of promotions – EDDM cards typically are received the very next day after being mailed.

The post office is offering such a low price because no processing is required by them. The cards must be delivered to their respective DDU (destination facility closest to the recipient’s homes or businesses) and must be prepared in such a way that makes them easy for carriers to deliver them to every delivery address on their routes.

Grit has been printing and mailing EDDM cards since the Fall of 2011. We are experienced in printing, preparing and delivering EDDM mail. Contact your Grit sales or service representative to learn more about how EDDM can benefit your or your customer’s businesses.

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